What are dummy tickets? (And can you use them for a visa?)

What are dummy tickets? (And can you use them for a visa?)

Dummy tickets have become increasingly popular in recent years. Some even claim they can be used in visa applications, while others maintain they are mainly used for pranks. With so many different claims flying around, it’s understandable why people become confused.

People are left wondering: what are dummy tickets? And is it true you can legally use them for visa applications?

In this article, we’ll explore what dummy tickets are, where you can buy them, and how to use them for a visa application. So, if you’re looking to purchase a dummy ticket, or you need to make a visa application soon, read on.

What is a dummy ticket?

First, let’s establish what comprises a regular flight ticket. A flight or airline ticket is a confirmation that a seat has been booked on a plane. It will contain the flyer’s name, the flight name, their Booking ID, and details of the flight including departures times, airport IATA codes and more. It will also contain the price of the ticket.

In contrast, a dummy flight ticket only shows the itinerary of a round-flight trip. However, it is not a fake ticket. A dummy ticket will list a reservation code and valid PNR (passenger name record), which is verifiable through the airline website through which you already have a booking. Therefore, whilst it can’t be used to get you to your destination, it can be used as proof of onward travel at an airport. 

Now we know what a dummy ticket is, can they be used for visa travel?

Surprisingly, yes! 

Dummy tickets can be used for visa applications, particularly when entering the Schengen zone. When applying for a visa, it can be costly, with many documents needing to be provided. However, despite all the effort you go to, you can still be rejected. Therefore, dummy tickets offer a cost-effective means of applying for a visa, without wasting money on a flight if your application is denied. 

The dummy ticket contains all the relevant information the embassy needs—for instance, flight details, PNR, your details, and any onward travel. 

Pretty handy, right.

So, do all countries in the Schengen zone accept dummy tickets?

Some embassies may ask for further information, such as an actual confirmed flight reservation. However, many embassies explicitly state that they accept dummy tickets. Here are some examples:

Belgium: A flight round trip or travel reservation is required. A full itinerary is applicable.

Finland:  Only requires a travel plan or itinerary; a dummy ticket is sufficient.

Estonia: States that airline tickets should only be purchased following visa issuance.

Netherlands: Does not require a ticket, only a dummy ticket. 

Spain: Request proof of roundtrip flight itinerary.

Please check with the embassy of the country you are travelling to before purchasing a dummy ticket to discover their requirements.

But why do you need a dummy ticket for a visa application?

When applying for a visa, there are three primary reasons you require a ticket:


When entering a country, or jurisdiction such as the Schengen zone, you cannot illegally overstay your visa. You are allowed in only for the specific period defined by the visa. Therefore, a dummy ticket provides proof of when you intend to leave the country or area. As such, dummy tickets increase the chance your visa application will be approved.

Correct visa office

According to the European Commission:

‘You must lodge the application for a Schengen visa at the Consulate of the country that you intend to visit, or – if you intend to visit more than one Schengen State, the Consulate of the country where you will spend the longest period.’

However, suppose you intend to spend an equal length of time in each State. In that case, you must apply to the Consulate at the country ‘whose external borders you will cross first’ when entering the zone. 

Therefore, by using a dummy ticket, the Consulate can ensure you're applying to the correct location, in accordance with EU law.

Start and end day of the visa

As stated, a visa applies to a specific period. When providing a dummy ticket, you are informing the embassy of the date you intend to arrive and leave the Schengen zone. Therefore, your visa will apply to these dates. If you don’t specify when you arrive and leave, your application may be rejected.

What about the rest of the world?

While using a dummy ticket for a Schengen zone visa is common, dummy tickets can be used for other visa applications. Once again, you will need to review the particular requirements of the country to which you are travelling. However, many countries will not require you to purchase tickets in advance of the visa application. 

For instance, Canada requires that you provide proof of return once the visa expires and that you have financial means to purchase a ticket. However, it does not require an actual ticket to be purchased.

Additionally, the United Kingdom only requires a travel itinerary to be provided – a dummy ticket is perfect.

How to purchase a dummy ticket?

Head over to trixo.net. Through our site, follow the simple instructions to purchase a dummy ticket. The ticket will contain all the relevant information, as we use data from the API of the website used to create tickets. It will only take 5 minutes after purchasing for you to receive the ticket. 

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