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February 17, 2020

Spain visa requirements - The complete guide for newbies


Spain! The country that can offer something to everyone. If you are a person who has been planning for a long time to visit Spain, we believe now is the best time than ever. You must have completed all the packing and planning for your trip and the only thing you need to get your trip complete will be the visa.


Visa Exemption

You are not obligated to apply for a visit visa if you are a national of the Vatican City, Singapore, USA, UK or any country from the European Union. If you belong to any other country than these, then you will be needed to apply for a visa to Spain and the application process is very easy to follow. We are here to provide you a step by step guide to get through the visa process easily.


The Schengen Visa

Like the other 26 countries of the European Union, Spain also requires a Schengen visa. Typically 3 months are allowed to the applicant for his stay in Spain through this tourist visa.  You need to keep in mind that a tourist visa can be issued on one condition that you will be entering the Schengen region through a Spanish port. Another condition that can replace this limitation is that if most of your time on your visa is decided to be spent while traveling in Spain.


Types Of Visas For Spain

You might also want to take a peek at the different types of visas available for moving around in Spain.

·         Employment/Work Visa

·         Official Visit Visa

·         Transit Visa

·         Student Visa

·         Visa aimed for filming crew, or sports or cultural activities


Document Requirements For Visa

Your application process for the Spanish visa will always start with a visa form that you have to complete with all the requirements mentioned. The requirements on the form are regular and nothing complicated. The following requirements are mentioned in the visa form.


·         Covering letter having the complete itinerary

·         Flight ticket for visa - Trixo help with that.

·         Hotel reservation proof - We also help with that 

·        Letter of no objection from your employer (if employed)

·         Letter of no objection from your institute (if student)

·         Authentic travel insurance for your personal tour (at least 30,000 Euros)

·         Travel insurance should cover your medical treatment in case of an emergency

·         The insurance should be valid in the 26 Schengen countries


Process for applying for the Spanish Tourist Visa

You need to start the process with the application form and providing the required documents for further process. 3 particular documents have been found to be creating issues for most of the cases. The documents are Travel insurance, flight reservations, and accommodation proof.


The Appointment

In order to get your visa for Spain, you will need to appear in an interview at the embassy and for the interview you must get an appointment. You will not be allowed to pursue the application without an appointment.


Online Submission of Data

The Spanish embassy transfers the verified data of the applicants to its online database. Once you have submitted all the information, and it is verified and entered in the database, you will be given a hard form of the information and you will be required to sign and approve the data to be true. After you approve the data through your signature, you will need to pay the fee for the Spanish tourist visa and you will receive a receipt for the payment.


Biometric Data Collection

Once the application form is submitted by the applicant, he is required to submit his biometric data as well. The applicant’s documents are mostly sent ahead for further processing before asking for the biometric data. This is the last step for the process.

You need to be careful while sending the documents for the visa process so that no mismanagement or error of data is faced. If there is any discrepancy in the data, the issuance of a visa may be rejected.


Obtaining Hotel and Flight reservations for Spanish Tourist Visa

The process of Spanish visa attainment is pretty simple yet some tourists face confusion when it comes to hotel and flight reservations required for the visa process. You are not required to submit the ticket details, rather than the details of your itinerary will work fine. The reason is that the flight schedules change and also there is a possibility that your visa might be rejected. So in order to save your money, the itinerary is required.

The itinerary proves that you will be leaving Spain after your stay according to your visa and ticket dates. It is also required to be tallied with the information provided in the application form for verification.


How Can We Help?

We are happy to extend our services in order to save you from all the confusion and troubles that might disturb your visa application process. We can assist in reserving your tickets as well as the hotel accommodation. All the facilities and services provided by our team are totally legit and you will face no problems regarding the visa documentation. We make reservations with a unique ID for booking so that it can be used by the Spanish embassy for verifying your reservation. Once your visa is confirmed, you can let us know and our team will get your tickets confirmed saving you all the trouble at once.

If your visa does not get approved due to some reasons, we can cancel these reservations at any time and your hard-earned money will not be wasted. Please feel free to talk to us anytime. We like to talk to our customers in detail so that their visa process is taken care of as smoothly as possible. For more information, you can click here and contact us directly.