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February 25, 2020

Proof of onward travel: What is it and How to get it like a boss

What does Proof of onward travel mean?

Generally, it means an assurance of moving from the visiting country either to the next destination or returning to your home. Most of the states don’t like people who move into their country on a tourist visa and don’t want to go back to their next destination or home country. To prevent illegal immigration and sort of illegal stay, Government officials and airlines want to see a proof of onward travel showing your next flight ticket details.

Why Do Officials want to see Proof of onward travel?

This document makes sure that:

-          You don’t have any intentions to stay in the country illegally.

-          You have planned to leave the country before the visa expiration.

-          Your bank balance is enough to depart from the destination.

How to get Proof of onward travel?

1.  Fake airline ticket with Trixo (The most boss you can get) 

It might sound harsh, but many use our fake flight ticket generator today to provide proof of onward travel. It's healthy, and the funny things are that the officer often recommends the passengers to do this trick when they unknowingly bring the only one-way ticket and expect to pass. 2. Rent a Ticket Approval

One of the best-recommended options is to buy a ticket from a trustworthy travel agency in few hours by paying a minimal amount. Then get a real ticket confirmation details to show to the airlines, which can be canceled at any time as well as much better than the forged ticket confirmation.

3. Buy a cheap ticket from budget airlines

Few of the airlines might not be best overall, but they provide the best budget deals to the customers. Get a ticket to the next country or city in cut off prices and all up to you either you use the ticket or waste, who cares!

4. Purchase a refundable ticket

Another way around, you can buy a refundable ticket from different airlines on a few terms and conditions. First go through their criteria, as few offer cancellations within a week and few within a month, some refund completely and some charge cancellation fee, so keep all in consideration. Take a refundable ticket before you leave your destination and cancel the ticket once you entered the intended country.

5. Buy a bus or train ticket

Although a risky option depends on the mood of the ticket checker and situation. You can buy a train or bus ticket, which costs low and show them up that you will leave the country within this time.

6. Take free 24 hours cancellation flight booking

Almost all airlines and few online travel agencies provide free cancellation 24 hours tickets, which you can buy at some price, and can get a complete refund after 24 hours. The flight ticket will be real and doesn’t show any refunding option on that. You can show the confirmation email to the airport crew and pass on to the next step quickly.

Proof of onward travel creates inconvenience for most of the travelers not know about it, to make your journey barriers free, we have explained about this document’s importance and the ways to get it. This Proof is the simplest way to avoid any headache by sticking at the airport while leaving the home country or entering the visiting one. If you are having any hurdle in acquiring this Proof of onward travel, see assistance from our experts.


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