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You may be planning a trip to a certain nation, and when it comes to obtaining a visa, there is typically one condition that must be satisfied, namely a "proof of accommodation" certificate. Not all visa applications, however, are accepted. The tight bureaucracy of immigration laws necessitates the completion of this criterion. If you've ever applied for a Schengen Visa, you'll understand how tough it is. Yes, nations that are members of the European Union via their Schengen Visa are required to provide proof of accommodation booking in order to obtain it.


Don't get me wrong: you don't have to rent an apartment and furnish the address for this. If you're requested to provide a "proof of accommodation" document, it implies you'll need to show proof of a valid hotel reservation or other kind of lodging for your travel to the country in question. Just to make sure you won't be homeless when you arrive.

What is Proof of Accommodation Document?


From the foregoing, you should be aware that proof of accommodation is not evidence of rent, but rather a document or certificate demonstrating that you have secured a place to stay during your vacation to Europe even before flying there. This document will be sent to the immigration office where you will be applying for a Visa. 


There are various ways to obtain this evidence, like buying ahead of time and receiving an itinerary from the hotel where you bought your ticket, or purchasing a dummy ticket from our website for a considerably lower price.


Can I get proof of accommodation from where I made the reservation?


Of course, You can. This is precisely the main way of obtaining the document. 


However, spending thousands of dollars on hotel reservations without knowing if your visa application will be approved does not seem like a good idea. However, if you want to acquire a Visa and fly to your ideal nation, you'll need one. Alternatively, you may choose to postpone your travel until they receive your visa application. Of course, this isn't what you're looking for.


There are various risks involved if you do this. To begin, you will lose some of your account balance. That is, your financial situation is insufficient to convince the embassy that you are qualified for a Visa. Because proving a specific amount of bank balance is one of the requirements for obtaining a Schengen Visa. This evidence is usually submitted in combination with the proof of lodging that you have produced.


The second risk is that you may lose most of your money. Travelers have given techniques for booking tickets using the free cancellation ticket type. However, most hotels still use pre-authorization, which means they will hold money in your account for a set amount, generally between $50 and $2500. Long refunds are another issue to consider; it will take at least a month for them to reimburse your money once you have cancelled. Because they are holding your account balance at that period, you will lose it.


Another risk is that you will not be able to travel freely. You cannot alter your destination if you have booked a hotel in advance. You are unable to walk where you wish since you must adhere to the terms of your hotel reservation. Otherwise, you'll lose money once more. If Amsterdam isn't on your list of destinations while you're still in the consulate, don't expect to travel. Furthermore, even if the vacation is only for one day, you cannot prolong it. Because your travel permission is based on the information you provided when applying for a visa. Pre-ordering, in essence, is not to your advantage. All you have to do now is discover a different means to obtain it, which is to order tickets that look like authentic documents evidence.


Why is proof of accommodation required for a visa application?


Another danger is that you will not be able to travel freely. You will be requested to produce this document every time you travel to a European nation. Why? At least one fundamental reason for them exists: do you have enough money to go and meet all of your demands while on vacation in Europe? 


They will be able to determine if the money you have is sufficient for all of your costs while traveling in their region once you have completed all financial papers, including evidence of accommodation. 


To give you an example, if you want to vacation in Europe, you'll need 100 euros each day to acquire a schengen visa. If you wish to go on a 10-day trip, you'll need a total of 1000 euros to fulfill their requirements.


As a result, a dummy ticket is the best option. 

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Is a reliable website? 


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