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February 13, 2020

Netherlands Visa Requirements: A Complete guide that summing it all up


Netherlands – a clean, cultural, and artistic country with people having calm heart and friendly behavior. Visiting this glamourous country is worthy even with rigorous Netherland Visa Requirements as its fame is because of innovative architecture, canal-side cafes, and fashion that ties the breach between the alluring modern and antique industry. No qualms! This brief article will guide you for Netherlands Visa Requirements, from the application process to interview to booking the tickets for the flight and hotel reservations through Dummy Tickets Flight.

Types of Visas

Although you have already decided the purpose of your travel, intended place of a visit, and the duration of your vacation, so there are two types of Visas:

Short Term Visa: That is only for a period of 90 days.

Long Term Visa: That is for the duration of more than 90 days.

Both types of visas have the same requirements, so below, here are the lists of documents that are mandatory for applying to the Netherlands Visa.

Compulsory Documents: Netherlands Visa Requirements

First of all, decide the purpose of the visit and then the types of visa from the range of options such as job visa, student visa, visit visa, business visa, and tourist visa. After that, collect all the mandatory documents that need to submit at the embassy for the Schengen visa application. Don't miss put any document listed below and gather them carefully to avoid any inconvenience.

1)     Visa Application Form – Filled Perfectly

The Netherlands Visa Application Form can be filled either electronically or manually through getting it printed and filled by using a blue ink pen. The form is available on the Netherlands Official Website; you can download it from there. Another thing is, after completing the application form electronically, print it, and sign the form appropriately.

2)     Photographs – Two Passport Size

Make sure you attach the two passport size photographs with full face coverage with the Visa Application Form, which covers all the photographs' requirements and specifications.

3)     A Passport – Legal

An essential document that needs to be attached to the Netherlands Visa Application Form, you must check its validity and blank pages. If it's valid at least till 3 months after your arrival date and 2 blank pages are present for exit and entry, then its perfect. However, if either of the things is missing, it would be problematic, so make sure before time. (Note: Maybe previous photocopies of passports are required, if applicable)

4)     FlightReservation – Mandatory for Visa

You have to present a flight reservation for when you do the the visa application - a guarantee that you will be back to your native country. But, don’t spend money on buying the return ticket before visa approval instead gets scheduled flight tickets from us, having dates, flight numbers, entry, and exit from the Netherlands mentioned at an affordable cost. if you're looking for cheap yet effective solution Trixo helps you to fake flight ticket to Netherlands in no costs!

5)     A Cover Letter – Necessary Document

Netherland Visa Requirements include the cover letter as a necessary document that explains all the crucial details about your trip, such as the purpose and place of a visit, transportation, and accommodation place for assurance. Moreover, if you are going for a business visit, also attach the invitation letter from the company consist of purpose, address, contact, date, and accommodation evidence.

6)     Hotel Reservation – Mandatory for Visa

You need to display them a hotel reservation receipt that you are done with all the necessary arrangements for the stay, which you can get from Dummy Tickets Flight in cut off prices. The receipts will have all the required details like contact, address, and invitation letter form friends, relatives, or any sponsor of the trip.

7)     Insurance Policy – Travel & Medical

An inevitable travel and medical insurance document of proof for Visa, which certifies that you can manage to pay for any emergency in the Netherlands or any Schengen areas, covering 30,000 Eur or more.

Additional Documents: Netherlands Visa Requirements

Even though you are ready with your requisite documents, your immigration officer may ask you for some other supporting documents. To avoid the last-minute hustle and bustle, keep your additional certificates ready before time. Few supportive documents are listed here:

Civil Status Proof:

One of the most demanding paper, in which you can provide the birth certificate, ration card, marriage certificate (if married), and spouse's death certificate (if applicable).

Permanent Residence Proof:

This document will show the address and proof of your home, to make sure that you will be back at your resident place.

No Objection Letter:

It’s to show them that you have NOC from the college/university (if you are a student) for your visit, with the paper showing your enrollment and all the attended and completed courses. Also, get a letter of approval from your parents with no objection in any case.

No Objection Letter from Employer:

A document of proof from your employer (if you are a salaried employee) is required to explain they have no issue on your visit and to prove that you will be back home and have specific responsibilities to handle after the trip.

Financial Statements:

Dutch government requires you to submit all the financial documents, including the last 3 months' bank statements (signed and stamped by the bank) and past 2 years income tax certificates. They will guarantee that you can bear all the expenses of the visit to the Netherlands.

Medical Reports:

If you are applying on the medical grounds for a visa, then you should have all the medical reports from a registered hospital of the native country that will assure you about your problems.

Final Step

When you are done with the collection of all the mandatory and additional documents & certificates, you can lodge your Netherlands Visa Application in your native country or Netherlands Consulate or Embassy. Put all your documents in a brown envelope with your name and contact number at the top left corner. However, recheck all the documents while enclosing with the application and slipping them into the envelope; otherwise, you will have to face with Visa Delay or Refusal.

We know it’s a very tiring process to collect and enclose all the documents, but you can avoid any hassle with the right guidance. So, if you require any information related to Netherlands Visa Requirements, Flight Tickets, or Hotel Reservation, we can assist you in an hour of need at every step. Contact us and get provable travel insurance, flight bookings, and hotel itineraries.