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February 23, 2020

Iceland visa requirements - A complete guide for newbies

An Absolute Guide to Iceland Visa Requirements

Iceland Visa Requirements are no different from Schengen Visa Requirements, although it is not a part of the European region along with Norway. Still, the travelers needed to have Schengen Visa, however, a bit tricky and complicated process of Schengen Visa, but you can move from Iceland to any other Schengen country with the Visa of Iceland. Iceland, a Nordic island, having sharp contrasts of dark winters or summer midnight sun, a mixture of fire and ice. The country has massive glaciers, parks, museums, lava fields, volcanoes, and dramatic landscapes worth visiting.

While traveling to Europe, you will surely don't want to miss out some beautiful and exotic places like Iceland, even being a non-member of the European Union, you can still visit it through Schengen visa, Cool? Yes, so while going through the process, you may come across many hurdles to make the procedure hassle-free and smooth; here is a comprehensive guide. This article explains all the requirements of Iceland Visa from mandatory to additional documents, as well as we aid if you're having any problem.

Mandatory Iceland Visa Requirements

Before applying, decide your purpose of visit and duration of stay; if you stay is within 90 days, then it required short terms such as tourist visa or business visa. Or if you will stay longer than 90 days, then the long-term visa is required, such as student visa or employment. So, make sure you have mentioned the stay and purpose accurately; thus, you can go through the steps smoothly and efficiently. Let's dig into the basic ones:

1.      The validity of Passport:

The essential document to travel abroad before applying to check if your passport is valid or not. It would be best if you had a passport that you have taken in the last 10 years, is valid till 3-6 months after you return from the trip, and also has two blank pages for the exit stamp of your home country and entry stamp from Iceland.

2.      Cover Letter:

There is a need to explain about your trip in detail in this letter, from your itinerary details like accommodation, stay, and visit any country other than Iceland, should be mentioned.

3.      Duly filled Visa Application form: 

You can fill it either manually or electronically. If you are filing manually, then take a printout, fill the blanks correctly, and then duly signed and stamped. However, if you are filing electronically, type in all the blanks and then print out to duly sign and stamp the form.

4.      Photographs:

2 passports sized photographs with a light background specifically white, but focused face and shoulders covering 80% of the image, with 35x45mm dimensions. These are the standards for the visa because pictures show your identity, so provide a clear and standard photograph.

Supporting Iceland Visa Requirements

Other than the basic documents, some additional documents are also needed to be attached, here is the list as follows:

1.      Flight itinerary:  You must show a flight itinerary to get your visa approved. it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to purchase a ticket before you get your visa approved, now way! Just jump and fake ticket to iceland!

2.    Hotel reservation:

Most of the time, you are staying privately in any hotel or maybe staying at your relative or friend's place, whatever the case is, immigration officer requires proof of accommodation from you with details. For this too, you don't have to book the hotels and get just provide dummy ticket of hotel. it works.  On Trixo you can do that.  

3.      Subsistence Proof:

It means that you have excellent financial stability and income; for this, you have to provide the following documents:

-          Form 16 or Income Tax return papers of the last 6 years

-          Bank Statements of last 3 months duly signed and stamped by the banking authority

-          Submit your salary slip; either you are an employed or pensioned person; it's a mandatory supporting document.

4.      Travel Medical Insurance: 

This insurance is valid in all Schengen regions and is up to 30,000 EUR. It is taken because maybe you got sick or Injured during the travel or while stay, so to avoid any mishap in state of emergency, this insurance is necessary.

5.      No objection Letter:

(If you are a student), take NOC from institution head that they allow you for this international trip and has no restrictions. As well as, you have completed your earlier courses, and your leaves are approved.

(If you are an employee) Get NOC from employer or company, stating that they have no objection on your visit, your leaves are accepted, joining date, and purpose of travel is mentioned.  here a sample of this objection letter thing.

Once you have submitted your visa application to the Iceland embassy or consulate, they will call you for the interview. Many times happen that people send their travel agency person or someone else on their behalf for an interview. Although it's allowed better is to go by yourself because they will take your biometric record through fingerprints and digital photos, that's why it's highly recommended to appear yourself for all the verification at the embassy.

Therefore, when all the visa requirements are submitted and processed accurately, you can fly to the destination of dreams in a few days or weeks, to pursue your career or goals. However, while filling the application form, if you need any help or assistance, we are here to care and share. No worries at all, reach us and share your problems at any step of the application. Our team of professionals will guide you about all the problems and let you know what to do next. So, make your trip process hassle-free with us!