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February 22, 2020

Hungary visa requirements - A complete guide for newbies

Famous for being the birthplace for so many sweet dishes and candies, Hungary is a country that is worth visiting. It has potential for both tourism and business. However, in order to visit the country, you must complete all the requirements for the Hungarian visa. The only thing that will stop you from visiting and enjoying the majestic beauty of the Hungarian landscapes and Hungarian food will be the visa. We are here to assist you in understanding the process from start to end. With our expertise, you will be able to go through the process smoothly without facing any issues.

Hungary is a country that belongs to the Schengen zone and it is also a member of the entity. Clearly, the rules for the Schengen visa will be applicable on a Hungarian visa as well. Some people think that getting a visa to these countries is a big challenge, but if you consult a specialist in the field, it is not that a big problem. Luckily for you, we are here with our expertise squeezed into this article so you can easily rely on the information provided here.

Let us begin with all the requirements for a Hungary visa.


Mandatory Requirements For Hungary Visa

Regardless of the purpose of your visit to Hungary, you will be required to follow a certain protocol by submitting certain documents. Even if you are a frequent visitor to Schengen countries, the rules still apply and they are the same in almost all the cases. The following are the documents that you should submit with your application for the visa process.


    Application Form

The application form for a Hungary visa is the basic canvas on which your complete process is going to be carried out. The process is very simple and you will need to complete the requirements mentioned in the application form.

You can download the form and fill it manually, or you can go online and fill the form there. Our suggestion is you take the second option because it is much safer and faster than the manual one. As soon as you fill the form online, you will receive an email for confirmation. The email will have a receipt that can be printed and submitted in the embassy of Hungary as a token of proof that you have filled your application form correctly.

You will have to sign the form at the end, be it manual or online. Normally, the application form consists of all the assurances that you will provide to the embassy so that they can be confident about your authenticity. If you have made any mistake while filling the application form, the chances are that your application will be rejected. So it is very important to pay attention to every detail while filling out the application form.


It is an understood fact that for traveling abroad, a passport is mandatory. The important to note while submitting your passport for the Hungarian visa is that it should be issued during the last ten years. Moreover, it should have more than three months in its expiration date after you return to your country.

Another requirement for the Hungarian visa regarding the passport is that you should have two pages (blank) at least so that your passport can be marked for your departure and arrival.


           Passport Size Pictures

Another tricky requirement for the passport comes in the shape of 2 passport size pictures. Many people only follow the protocol for the size that is 35 mm x 45 mm. What they do not take care of is the background color, age of the picture and the coverage area of the picture by your face. Your face should cover more than 80% of the picture with a light background so that your face is clearly visible. Moreover, the picture should be taken in the last 6 months at most.


    Covering Letter

A cover letter is the main introductory document of your application. It contains the details about your visit starting from the departure and ending with your return date. It contains all the necessary information about what you will be doing during the trip, how many days will be spent in Hungary, and what will be your schedule of traveling during the stay among many other details.

Additional Requirements For Hungarian Visa

Apart from the mandatory requirements, the Schengen visa policy has a few other details that must be provided to the embassy as supporting documents.


Insurance Policy For Traveling

This is one of the most important supporting documents for your visa because the Schengen countries want you to be financially stable while traveling in their countries as a businessman or even as a tourist. You should have at least 30,000 Euros worth of travel insurance so that you can cover any emergency in reference to health or repatriation or even evacuation. You should read the detailed evacuation policy for the Schengen visa.


Flight reservation

The main reason for this requirement is that you present a token of a surety that you will be returning to your country after your visit. we can help you to create flight reservation for Hungary without paying a lot with our tool The itinerary should contain the details of your flight schedules from departure till arrival. If you plan to move around in Hungary or other Schengen countries through flights, those details should also be mentioned in the itinerary. You do not have to purchase the ticket for the acquisition of the itinerary. Only booking or reserving your flights or seats in a flight will also get you the itinerary which can be submitted further. You will need to present a rental receipt from a car company if you aim to travel to other Schengen countries through road or train.


Accommodation Proof

If you are planning to have your stay at a hotel in Hungary, then you should provide proper confirmation to the embassy in the form of hotel reservation documents. It does not matter how or where you will be staying in Hungary, but you must present proof of it to the embassy that you have made the arrangements for your stay.

Now if you are planning to stay at a friend’s house or with a family member, then you will need to submit a proper letter or proof of sponsorship from your host. Also, you will need to submit a clear ID from your host so that the embassy knows who is hosting you.


4.     Bank Statements

You will also need to submit proof of bank statement so they so you got some money that you can support your stay in Hungary. In order to do that, you must acquire the bank statement of your bank account stretching over a period of the 3 months. The bank statement must be signed and approved by your bank as well.  Attaching your salary slip as an extra document can also be a good idea.


5.     No Objection Letter Or Certificate (Noc)

No objection letter is required. This is another requirement in the list of the non-mandatory documents for Schengen visa to Hungary. This letter mainly includes permission from your employer or institute. If you are a government employee, then you need the head of the department to sign the letter. If you are a student, then the institute head is responsible for the signature. The letter will include permission given to you that you have been officially allowed to leave the country and that you are not mandatorily needed in a task.



There might be some other documents needed in the application form as well. But most of the time, these are all the requirements for a visa to Hungary.

Hopefully, you will have a good amount of information regarding the visa process of Hungary. If you are still having questions, please feel free to contact us. We really love talking to our clients and providing them the best solution that fits their custom situations.