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February 15, 2020

How to apply for Lithuania Schengen Visa from Australia guides for dummies

Are you considering a visit to Lithuania? It's a peaceful Schegne country with lots of memorable accounts. If you are not unclear how to obtain Schengen Visa from Australia, this article is for you.

In this guide, you will find out the easy step by step on how to apply and get your visa at the embassy.

You can do so much in Lithuania. Lots of historical places to see and if you love food, the country will treat you to a lot of eating and drinking. The traditional cuisine is fabulous and the people hospitable! While a great life waits for you in Lithuania, this guide aims to make the process of getting your visa easier.

Apart from learning about obtaining Lithuania Schengen Visa, you will also find out about hotel, insurance, and flight information.

About Lithuania Schengen visa from Australia

You do not need a Lithuania visa if you are an Australian citizen. Nonetheless, if you are not a citizen, but living there permanently, you do need the permit. You, then, need proof that you are legally residing in Australia. 

In Canberra, you can put in your application at the Embassy of Estonia, since Estonia represents Lithuania in Australia. Ensure that you apply to the right visa office.

Who needs a Schengen visa from Australia?

If you are an Australia citizen or have an Australian resident permit, you not need a Schengen visa. But if you are from countries exempted from visa-free entry into the 26 Schengen countries, you need visa to enter Lithuania. See this link for Schengen Area Countries.

Types of Schengen Visa

There are three types of visas for Lithuania, based on your need and duration of stay.

1. Schengen visa (C): if you intend to travel for business, tourism, and visits for about 90 days

2. Airport Transit visa (A): if you are going through a Schengen country airport without leaving the airport. 

3. National Visa (D): for employment, study, family reasons, etc., for more than 90 days.

Eligibility for Lithuania Schengen visa

If you are not from Schengen Area country but want to visit Lithuania, you are required to meet specific criteria. Your eligibility depends on being able to meet Schengen visa conditions as listed here.

Lithuania Schengen visa application from Australia

The embassy takes about 15 days to process visa applications. So, submit your requests at least 15 days (even about 90 days) before your travel date to have enough time for submission. 

Steps to apply for Schengen visa from Australia

These five steps below will guide you through applying for your visa:

1. Complete your application

The embassy’s website and click “consular information” and then “Visa application Forms.” Then, click on the provided link and choose your language. The next screen will appear, requiring you to fill some information. After the process, print the form and include your signature and date.


2. Make an appointment

You can make an appointment with the embassy by yourself if you have the opportunity to do so. If not, we can help you make an appointment for a minimal fee!

If you want to book a visa appointment with our services, follow these three easy steps;

Schedule the visa appointment with this link

Submit your appointment details, intended visa and consulate, and the country in which you need the visa appointment. Then, make appropriate payments. 

An email to confirm your interview will be sent to you.


Also, follow these nine steps if you want to make the appointment unaided. 

Visit the embassy’s website and click “consular information.” 

Click on the link beneath “contacts.”

After being directed to the online system, choose your language

Choose the Embassy of Estonia in Canberra from the drop-down box

Provide the number of applicants

Pass the CAPTCHA robot test

Go to the next page

Fill all required information

Go through the screen and make a convenient appointment. 

3. Prepare your documents

You should study the requirements on the embassy’s website to prepare your documents. Note everything you need for your application and make original documents and photocopies available.

Documents to include:

A valid travel document (like a passport) allotted within ten years. It should have at least two blank pages for visas and should be valid for at least three months before the visa expiration date.

Filled-in and signed application form

Flight itinerary proof - Trixo tool help you to make flight itinerary for for Lithuania without paying.

Passport photograph 

Travel medical insurance proof; valid in Schengen countries with a 30,000€ minimum coverage for the entire stay period in the Schengen region.

Documents showing the purpose of Journey

Documents indicating intended accommodation

Documents confirming that you have enough funds (average of 108€ daily in Lithuania) for your entire trip and return to Australia

Proof that you will leave Schengen before your visa expires 

Invitation letter (if a company or individual invites you)