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March 7, 2020

How I get Proof Of Onward Travel to India Like A Boss

India, like many other destinations, require travellers to present proof of onward travel. It also called a return ticket. You think this is a third world country, and they won’t ask, but you’re wrong!

They need it like  EU and USA.   So when you go to the airport, the officer is likely to ask you hey you do you have a return ticket? If you say no and tell him I have an only one-way ticket to India, you’re in a big problem!

 Is a known fact that travellers all over the world go to India for long trips and plan to stay there for 6 months because there is plenty to see and experience. Some people go to India to find themselves on the fantastic goa beaches where they can enjoy the rich nature. Don’t mess up your trip because you didn’t bring Onward travel with you! 

Do I need proof of onward travel to enter India?

Of course. Coming to india without it can get you in problem. you need it for your visa application proof of round-trip.

What happens if go to the airport without this Proof of onward thing

India require most of the countries in the world to show round-trip ticket to get visa. if you one of the countries who get visa by entry you also most likely will have to present proof of onward travel so be prepare for it.

How I get Proof of onward travel To India like a boss?

The simple way to get Proof of onward to India without paying is using Trixo you can generate dummy ticket in seconds for any country with any airline. 

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