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February 21, 2020

Estonia visa requirements - The complete guide for newbies

Estonia – a North European Country is like a paradise on the Earth, and you can spend a mesmerizing time there with your friends and family. The country is full of hilltop castles, beautiful forests and lakes, serene fortresses, and ravishing rocky beaches marking long-lasting imprints in your mind. However, if you are planning to visit Estonia, you have to check if Estonia Visa Requirements match with your present documents or not, then you might have to get new ones.

Every country has different visa requirements as per their rules and regulations of the government. If you want to visit any Schengen country, all you have to do is to obtain a Schengen visa, which you can get from the embassy or consulate of any intended country of visit; then you can travel across the Schengen region in any country with Schengen visa.

So, if you want to travel to Estonia, you have to get a Schengen visa from the Estonian embassy. Before applying, you should know about all the Estonian visa requirements to make the application process smoother. If you are worried about not knowing, don’t worry at all. Go through the article in detail and get all the requirements.

Business & Tourist Visa: Estonia Visa Requirements

Whether you are going to apply for a business visa or tourist visa, there’s no difference in their mandatory requirements; the point of difference is the purpose of the visit, else is the same. Let's dig into the essentials of both:

·         Passport (Valid):  You must have a passport that is issued to you in the last 10 years and has validity for up to 3 months, at least after your arrival date. Also, make it clear in your mind that you have to check for a blank page at least 2 for entry and exit; otherwise, your application process will be stopped at the first step. Moreover, you will need to provide photocopies of blank pages for clarification.

·         Visa Form (filled):  While filling the visa application form, be alert, and do it vigilantly to avoid any errors. It will be available in English, Estonian, and Russian language, so fill it up in your language of convenience and expertise. When you will start your application form, keep it in mind to check the ‘?’ sign to be clear what to write in the box, fill the compulsory blocks with (*) this sign, and don’t provide misinformation that leads to rejection of the application. Once you have filled the form electronically online and click submit, you will receive your application number on the window and visa application on your mail. Please print it out, get it signed and attach necessary documents.

·         Photographs (passport-sized): The dimensions of the passport are 35x40mm with clear face-covering 70% of the picture with shoulders, having a preferably white or light background. Because the immigration officers do not accept the photos manipulated online or are older than 6 months.

·         Covering Letter: This letter is intended to explain your purpose of visit, travel dates, duration of stay, accommodation details, and other relevant information to present your case entirely.

·        Accommodation proof: You can stay wherever you want, might be at your relative’s house or in a hotel, you have to provide evidence of your accommodation. If you remain at your relative’s place, give documents on sponsorship and other supporting ones showing the host identity and residence. While, if you are staying in any hotel, then attach the hotel reservation receipt, which you can get from Dummy Tickets Flight in the meantime in cut off prices.

·         Bank Statements: The most critical document, without which application does not proceed because immigration officers make sure that you have enough bank balance that you will not a burden to visiting the country’s government. Your bank statement shows all your previous transaction records from 6 months and has details about your financial strength and enough budget to travel and return.

·         No objection letter: Get your NOC from your employer in case you are an employee or from your academic advisor in case you are a student. In the former, it should explain that the company has no issue on your visit, your holidays are approved, you will join on that specific day, and also the record of the company is going for a business visa (if a previous partnership exists). In the later, get NOC from your advisor, highlight permission to visit, and explaining about the earlier completed courses.

·        Flight reservation for Estonia without pay:  Submit your travel and return ticket with the visa application to ensure that you will be back in your home country and will not stay there for long. No need to be worried about getting the tickets came in touch with Dummy Tickets Flight and got your tickets in less time having detailed information in the hour of need.

·         Medical & travel insurance: Don’t forget to have travel and medical insurance certificates at least showing 30,000 EUR to prove that you are capable of traveling, can take steps, and pay money in case of emergencies. This insurance is valid across all the regions of Schengen and makes the process free of hassle.

Additional: Estonia Visa Requirements

Please take this into your notice and remind it, submit your visa application personally in the Estonian embassy or consulate to prove your identity. They may take your biometric fingerprints and digital photographs not furnished by any other person or traveling agency. Have some patience and time to stay there for biometric if you are going for the very first time. You will be dealt with at the time of your dealing, so keep calm. If you are applying for another time in 5 years, no need to provide biometrics, they will copy from a previous visa information system (VIS), and you don’t have to wait longer.

Therefore, now you have a right hand in hand information about Estonian visa requirements, so you need to be perplexed. If something still left un-understandable or you are feeling difficulty in the application process, don’t fret more! We can serve you anytime; our cooperative and supportive staff is available to listen to your concerns and helps you to run the process efficiently.