Do I need proof of of onward travel to Thailand and how I get it?

If you like to see anything on one vacation head to Thailand, anything is there! Terrific islands, authentic and great food, big malls, nice girls in gogo bars and massages shops.

This country will spike you dopamine for sure. 

Bangkok, the capital, has enormous malls that will hook you for the with clothes, gadgets and maybe a new phone.  There is a lot more to see on Phuket, Koh Phangan and other islands. A lot of massages shops and gogo bars this country is just flawless. The currency is Baht, and their language is Thai.

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Do I need proof of onward travel to enter Thailand?

Of course. Coming to Colombia without it can get you in problem. you need it for your visa application proof of round-trip.

What happens if go to the airport without this Proof of onward thing

Colombia require most of the countries in the world to show round-trip ticket to get visa. if you one of the countries who get visa by entry you also most likely will have to present proof of onward travel so be prepare for it.

How I get Proof of onward travel To Thailand like a boss?

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