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February 18, 2020

Denmark Visa Requirement: A guide for newbies

Denmark – a member of the Schengen region and one of the most extensive Scandinavian countries whose visa requirements comply with the requirements of other Schengen areas. One and foremost requirement is to enter in Schengen region through Denmark and spend the maximum number of days in this country. To make the process easier and smooth, we have discussed the essentials in this article. Like others, you have to apply correctly according to the point of Visa where you are traveling and mainly for what purpose, to go through the steps as per the relative demands.

Denmark Visa Types

The Generic set of instructions also consists of specific ones when it comes to the type of Visas. So, Denmark Visa Requirements of various visa types differ as follows:

(a)  Activities Based Visa

A particular type of visa for those people who are traveling to take part in an event, to watch a cultural program, and going to shoot a film (crew members will apply for permission to shoot film). The mandatory documents for this category can be:

-          Invitation letter from authorities (nature of the event, travel dates, purpose of visit, and expenses)

-          Names of all crew members traveling

-          Travel itinerary (Trixo help you to create flight plane ticket for visa to denemark) 

-          Duration period

(b) Business Visa

The Visa that only aims at visiting Denmark for business meetings or temporary employment, because you are not allowed to take new jobs. The documents required for this are:

-          Invitation Letter by Local Company (Address, contact number, travel dates, expenses, and sponsor details)

-         No objection letter from company or employer

-          At least the last 6 months Bank Statement document

-          Partnership documents

(c)   Medical Visa

Many people travel for medical treatments of lethal diseases that left untreated in their own country; they go to Denmark to save their lives. The Denmark visa requirements in this regard are:

-          A medical report by a local doctor

-          Medical attestation by a Danish doctor or local hospital (Treatment dates and medical situation)

-          Payment receipt of medical treatment fees

(d) Official Visit Visa

Are you going to attend any meetings, consultation, or any intergovernmental associations? You have to get an official visit visa mentioning the purpose of travel and duration. Submit the following enlisted documents to the embassy to continue application:

-          Official Invitation Copy

-          Applicant’s identity card

-          Purpose of visit (meetings, consultation, or any other event)

-          Accommodation details

-          Duration of stay

(e)  Student Visa

Applications applying to study in Denmark for any full-length program, training, any education internship, or research program under 6 months should apply for this Visa and submit the subsequent documents:

-          Enrolment certificate (Approval of admission in training or course)

-          Earlier courses completion certificate

-          Proof of scholarship or sponsorship / financial assistance

(f)   Tourist Visa

In Danish Visas, this one has enormous fame because of the beauty of Denmark, where people go only for tourism to spend their vacations in a relaxed and enjoyable place. This visa entails for only less than 90 days, and your sole purpose is tourism, with that the below list documents are needed to be sent to the embassy for application as:

-          Invitation Letter having an address, contact number, and relative or sponsor details (If applicable)

-          Copies of Legal Passport

-          At least the last 6 months Bank Statement

(g)  Transit Visa

If you want to have a few hours layover in any Denmark city before heading towards the final destination or layover at Danish airport, then you need to get a transit visa, and for this, you have to submit a copy of a valid passport.

General Danish Visa Requirements

Other than the specific documents for a particular type of Visa, you have to submit some necessary documents and certificates to kickstart the application and make it smooth throughout the time. Here is the list, go through entirely, and make it ready:

-          Correctly and duly filled application form

-          Valid passport

-          Passport-sized photographs (2)

-          Travel Insurance (Minimum coverage EUR 30,000)

-          Travel itinerary or flight reservation

-          Accommodation proof or hotel reservation

-          No objection certificate from the employer

-          Last 3 months bank statements

The above guide will help you in the whole application process, have a checklist of documents as per their type, and make your application process faster and convenient by having all credentials. Dummy tickets Flight provide travel itinerary or flight tickets and hotel reservation receipts, get them at affordable cost from us. Moreover, if you feel any difficulty at any step, reach us through email or call us and get expert advice from ou team of professionals working for years in this field.