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February 19, 2020

Czech Republic Visa Requirements: A Guide for newbies

Czech Republic Visa Requirements

The Czech Republic is an exotic tourist destination, famous for its beers, and ornate castle in its capital city (Prague). It located in the middle of Europe, giving easy access to all other regions and countries in Europe. Additionally, it not only pays homage to the tourists visiting here but also the business people because of gigantic international conies as Zara and Deloitte Touch. If you are planning to live in Czech, you will have every weekend a new place to visit and enjoy.

Moreover, People find it intimidating without any factual information to obtain the visa of the Czech Republic. But no, qualms! We have presented a detailed article explaining all the Czech Republic Visa Requirements and the guide to get your application accepted. Being part of the Schengen region, you can also apply for a Schengen visa in the Czech embassy or consulate to visit the Czech region.

Mandatory Documents: Czech Republic Visa Requirements

The Czech Republic visa requirements are quite elaborative the same as that of visa for any other Schengen country. Following are the essentials that you have to submit with your visa application to the Czech embassy or consulate are:

·    VisaFee: Although you can have details about the visa on the Schengen countries or the Czech Republic visa website, the fees are different for different types of visas as per their purpose and validity.

·         Valid Passport: You must have a valid passport issued in the last years and validity at least up to 3 months after your arrival date in the home country as well as 2 blank pages of entry and exit. If these critical points are not fulfilled, your application will not be processed, and you have to apply for re-issuance of a new passport.

·         Photographs: 2 Passport sized photographs with focus face and shoulders with a light background, that you cover the 80% of the image but not much close, otherwise it will not be considered. Make sure it should comply with the standard of picture required.

·    Reservation of Flight: Travel itinerary or flight booking details along with other mandatory documents need to be submitted with the visa application to the embassy or consulate. Moreover, if you are traveling to other cities of Schengen, then obtain the inter itinerary travel ad attach them with the application. If you are looking for dummy tickets, then reach to Trixo and fake ticket to Czech Republic and get a complete flight reservation at affordable rates.

·        Reservation of hotel: Similarly, hotel reservations receipts are as necessary as the flight reservation to show the embassy from when to when, where you will stay, and for how much time or have you paid the expense or not. You can now get the reservation receipt from Dummy Tickets Flight at low prices with a quick turnaround.

·         Cover Letter: This should be a self-attested letter explaining the purpose of the visit, duration of stay, and all other places where you will visit.

·         Medical & Travel Insurance: Submit your medical and travel insurance along with your application, valid across other Schengen regions, and worth of 30,0000 euro.

·        Financial Statement: Immigration officers make sure that you have a financial balance in the bank for a visit and return, and you will not be a burden to the visiting country government. To prove this, you have to provide a bank statement from the last 3 months ensuring your financial details, duly signed, and sealed by bank authorities; moreover, if you are retired, then pension statement of last 6 months to comply with the standard.

·         No objection: If you are employed in any business or company, you have to provide NOC to make it clear that your employer has no objection on your visit, and you leave for a vacation that has been approved, and you will return on the particular date and join back the office. In contrast, if you are a student, obtain a letter from the academic advisor stating that they have no issue with your visit and also explain about your earlier completed courses and permission of the trip.

·         Civil Status Proof: The critical one that you have to prove with your application to the embassy that you are a citizen here, and you will come back for some special reasons. You can provide the marriage certificate, domicile, ration card, birth certificate, and death certificate (if applicable)

Supporting Documents: Czech Republic Visa Requirements

The listed above are some necessary documents for Czech Republic Visa Requirements. However, you may also need to fee unnecessary documents to carry out the process smoothly. Those include your last 3 months salary slip, income tax return certificate, photocopy of passport bio page, photocopy of passport last 2 blank pages, and the previous Schengen visas copies if you have ever visited any other country. However, if you are looking to have a long term of permanent Czech Republic Visa, then visit their official website and get what other essentials are mandatory to attach with.

Process of Filling up the Czech Republic Visa Application Form

The Visa Application form is the most essential and crucial document that has to be filled vigilantly and ideally, although people make many blunders or mistakes. Therefore, you are required to fill it with the most care and in due time as well as follow the below-mentioned guidelines to fill it accurately:

-          While filling the form use Latin alphabets

-          Remember to fill all the compulsory fields that are marked with an asterisk sign (*)

-          Please fill the form either electronically and print it to sign or print out the form and manually fill and duly signed it.

You might be the one who doesn’t get the entire process or details or still have difficulty in filling up the application form and going through the process. But why to worry when we are here. Our supportive crew staff is available for you in your hour of need; you have to contact us and explain your problem, we will help you stele down the issue, guide you, and make the whole visa process for Czech Republic Visa easy with all the mandatory and non-mandatory requirements.