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February 16, 2020

Belgium Visa Requirements - The complete guide for newbies

Belgium – a beautiful country is famous because of its rich history, architecture, and art, which attracts thousands of travelers around the world to its popular cities as Bruges, Brussels, and Antwerp. Although, its visa requirements are somehow similar to that of Schengen Visa, being a part of the Schengen region of Europe. So, a blessing for travelers is that they can travel in all 25 countries with the same Schengen Visa, a barrier-free and enjoyable travel. Getting a Belgium Visa from their embassy can be hassle-free is that you follow all the necessary steps and have detailed information and document. Keep in mind that you can travel to other Schengen cities if you have a Belgium visa but have to enter Belgium city first and then continue to another one. Here are important details, what you need to do.

Belgium Visa Types

However, the Schengen Visa requirements are the same for the visa for all cities, but for Belgium Visa, you have to focus on particular types of Visa to get everything in line and on track.

1.     Activities-based Visa

Those people who want to travel there to participate in any cultural event, sports activities, or want to shoot a film have to submit particular documents to get Belgium Visa. If a film crew is traveling there for the shooting, they need to provide all Belgium Visa Requirements, to get permission for shooting. Here is the list of essentials:

-          Invitation letter from the concerned authority (Purpose of visit, Expenses, Nature of Visit, and Duration of Stay)

-          Travel Itinerary

-          Names of all crew members traveling

2.     Business Visa

This visa does not allow any individual to take new employment in Belgium, though, anyone can visit for temporary work or business meetings. For this, Belgium Visa Requirements are:

-          Invitation letter for local Belgium Company (Travel Dates, Address, and Purpose of Visit)

-          Cover letter from employer (Mention Business Visit, Expenses, or Sponsorship)

-          At least 6 months Bank Statement

-          Partnership/Proprietaryship documents

3.     Medical Visa

Many of the people travel to other countries for the sound treatment of their medical problems or such lethal diseases that are unable to be treated at their homeland. This type of visa requires:

-          A medical report (by a local doctor)

-          A medical attestation from Belgium hospital/doctor (mention the medical problem & dates of travel)

-          Treatment payment receipt

4.     Official Visit Visa

If you are traveling on an official visit for attending any meetings, consultations, events, and negotiation of the intergovernmental terms. Present the following documents to the embassy for getting the approval of official visit:

-          Identity of Applicant

-          Official Invitation copy

-          Purpose of the journey (consultations, meetings, intergovernmental organization, or negotiations)

-          Staying duration

-          Accommodation details

5.     Student Visa

Any students who want to go there research, educational training & internship (for 6 months only) or they want to study in any Belgium institution, only on these conditions students can get a visa. For this Belgium Visa Requirements are:

-          An enrollment certificate of any institution or training (showing acceptance)

-          Certificate of completion of earlier courses

-          Scholarship or financial sustenance proof

6.     Transit Visa

It has specific rules, as this visa is if you have a few hours to stay in any Belgium city before traveling towards your particular destination. That is only given to the people of few countries listed below:

i.                    Afghanistan

ii.                   Bangladesh

iii.                 Burma

iv.                 Democratic Republic of Congo

v.                   Ethiopia

vi.                 Eritrea

vii.               Ghana

viii.             Iraq

ix.                 Iran

x.                   India

xi.                 Jordan

xii.               Lebanon

xiii.             Myanmar

xiv.             Nigeria

xv.               Pakistan

xvi.             Syria

xvii.           Sudan

xviii.          Somalia

xix.             Srilanka

xx.               Turkey

One more condition, if you want to have an airport transit visa, you need to apply for that, but the countries mentioned earlier don’t need any separate transit visa.

7.     Tourist Visa

The most popular visa, its sole purpose is tourism and is only given for 90 days visit. Submit the subsequent documents to the embassy with your application are:

-          Invitation Letter having an address and contact details of relative or sponsor (If applicable)

-          Valid passport (copies)

-          At least 6 months bank statement

Belgium Visa Requirements

Meanwhile, Belgium Visa is the same that of other Schengen countries Visa, so its requirements are quite similar. Only the difference occurs at the types of visas. A list of documents mentioned needed to be submitted to meet the requirements:

·         Valid Passport: You must hold a valid passport with the validity of at least 6 months from the time of application; otherwise, the application will not have proceeded.

·         Passport size photographs: 2 photographs, passport sized need to be submitted with documents.

·        Hotel reservation: While applying, submit a document of proof of your private accommodation in a hotel or any sponsor or relative, you can also get this from Dummy Ticket Flight.

·         Reservation of Flight: Not only this, your itinerary travel planning in Belgium or Schengen Visa, you can also get this from Dummy Tickets Flight with mentioned dates and time. if you need flight reservation for cheap head up to trixo tool and fake flight ticket to belgium.

·         Health & Travel Insurance: Don’t forget to get yourselves insured and to get a document proving your insurance and expenses.

·         No objection certificate: You should get it from your employer or school that they gave you permission for the trip, have no objection, and your leaves are approved.

Summing Up

Therefore, applying for Belgium Visa is not a hefty task if you know all the necessary details and credentials needed to be attached to the application. Still, if you are facing any problem in filling up the form or in arranging the document, don’t worry at all. Our team of professionals can help you at every step to make your process hassle-free with their years of experience. Reach us right now and sit at your ease!