About me (CEO OF TRIXO)

About the CEO of the company

My name is Alex I live in the Ukraine and I am software developer and marketer. I work on Frameworks PHP, Laveral 4, HTML, CSS and API Applications.

I have 8 years of experience in software engineer and I studied in the National University of Kharkiv

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About trixo

With the high demand of technology in the world it was just a matter of time until someone make something new for the Digital nomads community.

Trixo is widely used espcially for digital nomads and people from the schengen countries. In short,  it's an high technology application that allow you make dummy ticket for flights and hotels without efforts. They site is accurate and allow you do download tickets based on their real times. 

Trixo is the first in the world to provide flight and hotel tickets in one platform along with subscription and high quality service.