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February 12, 2020

A Complete Guide to Austria Visa Requirements

 Don't apply for your visa until you learn everything there is to learn about Austria visa requirement. Austria: a word that conjures images of architectural wonders, mythical countryside, and exuberant Viennese living. Austria is a bountiful country in East-Central Europe. It's the dream of many travelers to visit Austria and enjoy its culture. Others wish they can leave their lives behind and come to start living and working here. Whether you want to visit, live, or work in Austria, you'll need a visa. However, your citizenship, goals, and how long you stay will affect your visa application.

Austria is part of the Schengen Zone. You can apply for a Schengen visa in Austria, whether it's your port of entry to Europe or you plan to make it your base for a Euro Trip. At any rate, you'll need to apply under specific Austria visa requirements depending on your situation. For example, the documents you submit for business travel are different from that of a tourist.

 The Categories of Austrian Visa Requirements

To get the full picture, you should know the different types of Austrian visas and how they work. It'll not only simplify the visa process for you, but you’ll also understand which visa type is fit for your purposes. There're shared documents you must present in every visa application, no matter what kind. And, each visa type has distinct documents you need to submit. You'll understand all these requirements in a moment.

Austrian Airport Visa

When you’re travelling to a non-Schengen state through a Schengen country, you need to get an airport visa. It allows you to stay in the airport, but you can’t leave. Because Austria is a Schengen country, you’ll have to get an airport visa. Citizens from certain countries must apply for this, to learn more about these countries, click here.

Required documents for Austrian Airport Visa:

·Visa application form, the standard short-stay visa application form, filled with your information, printed and signed with your name.

· Two new photos, at least three months old and follow the rules of a Schengen visa photo.

· Valid passport that has enough space to add the visa sticker. The passport should be authentic and not older than ten years.

· The documents that prove the journey to the target destination, like return flight ticket reservation and the target country visa.

· Travel insurance document for a medical emergency, which must be at least €30,000.

· Paid visa fee document, which is €60 like the short-stay visa.

Austrian Tourist Visa 

The general type of Austrian visa is the tourist visa. When you want to enjoy Austria in less than 90 days, you apply for this one. For example, you want to have your wedding in Vienna and have no plans to stay longer and do business. The documents you need to apply for an Austrian tourist visa are as follows:

· Proof of invitation: You must present an invitation letter signed by a friend or a family member living in Austria.

· A recent bank statement within the previous six months.

· A valid passport valid for 3 months within your date of departure from Austria

 Austrian Business Visa


It's the type of visa you want if you plan to do (temporary) business Austria. However, it doesn't permit you to start a new business or seek employment opportunities. The documents you must submit to obtain the Austrian business visa are:


· Invitation letter from the Austrian company you're doing business with and their full address. Also, you must provide the dates of your arrival, duration of stay, and departure. It must state proof of trip financing, whether it’s the Austrian company or your employer.

· A certificate from your employer, which must state the purpose of your visit to Austria.

· Business bank statement, which should be within the last six months.

· Memorandum and Article of Association, you must provide the original copy.

· Trade license, the original copy, and the current renewal.

 Austrian Visa for Official Visit 

For diplomats and government officials visiting Austria, they must submit for an Official Visit visa. If you're attending an intergovernmental meeting, doing consulting work, negotiations, or government-related international events, you'll need this visa. You must visit the Austrian embassy in your country and submit these documents:


· The official invitation documents.

· Proof of your identity.

· Purpose of the trip.

· Duration of stay.

· Accommodation details.

 Austrian Study Visa 

This visa is for students, interns, and researchers who expect to study in an Austrian institution for less than six months. Beside eligibility requirements, you must present these documents:


· Proof of enrollment, and enrollment certificate that permits attendance of courses in Austria (school/university/educational training program/internship/etc.)

· No-objection certificate from your employer or school/university.

· Proof of certificate that you attended or completed previous courses.

· Proof of sponsorship/scholarship, which covers your expenses.


Austrian Visa for Cultural, Sports, Film Crews or Religious Purposes


It's the unique visa you need if you hope to come to Austria for a cultural event, sports event, shooting a movie, or attending a religious ceremony. Apply for this Austrian visa with these documents:


· Event Information. Including:

o Invitation letter from the concerned organization in Austria, providing full details about the event or activity in Austria.

o Admission tickets to the event.

o Enrollment requirements.

o Full details about the event's program in Austria.

o Additional documents that include Names of the applicants (crew members) and other related information about the event.

· Duration of stay.

· Travel program.

· Proof of past performances. Participation in previous celebrations and services (cultural, religious), sports tournaments, champions records, proof of world/international ranking (sports).

 Job Seeker Visa 

The first step to live and work in Austria is getting in touch with the public employment services in your country. You can find employment in Austria, whether permanently or for a limited time. The employment conditions in Austria are significantly regulated by joint agreements between trade unions and employer organizations.


If you want a job seeker visa, you must prepare the following documents:


· Permission from the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS).

· Letter of support from the Austrian employer and/or copy of the work contract.

· Special qualifications or abilities certificates.

Universal Austria Visa Requirements

By now, you understand different Austria visa types and the required documents for each. There are also basic documents that you must submit, regardless of its type. To meet all the Austria visa requirements, the following documents will be essential:


· Austrian visa application form. You must provide accurate answers and information to fill this application. Always sign it after you print it.

· Passport/travel document, which must be valid for three months, not older than 10 years, and contains at least two blank pages.

· Two identical photos in passport format, which contains your whole face with a white background.

· Travel insurance that must be no less than EUR 30,000

· Round-trip Flight Itinerary, which contains the dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Austria.

· Proof of accommodation. I.e. You must have an adequate hotel reservation for the time you intend to stay in Austria

· No-objection certificate from employer, school, or university.

· Proof of enough financial means for the period of stay in Austria. I.e. bank statement for six months.


As you can see, Austria visa requirements are not the same across all categories. Notice this guide while planning your visit to Austria. Create a checklist of all the documents you'll need. Keep this guide close as it'll help you determine which visa is right for your situation. It'll save you a lot of time going back and forth to the embassy.