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General Questions

Trixo is a fake ticket app based on real API we don't invent anything that is not already on the worldwide flight system. . When you search country with us many options will be open for you. and all you have to do is to choose what seems best for you. We made the tool as easy as possible and all the proccess take no ore than 3 minutes.
Many nomads and Digital nomads love the idea of travelling on one-way tickets and need to provide something called ''Proof of onward travel''. Trixo is a magic tool for this. Many people use us consistenly when they travel around the world and need to provide this proof of onward travel. People hate the fact that they need to buy a round-trip ticket without knowing where they come back to their country. This the main goal of this site to help Digital nomads and people who want to travel without any plan. 
We provide 13 digits number looks like the actual PNR numbers. They rarely check these things but we make something nice for this.

Flight Related Questions

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delivery time trixo 5 minutes ticket